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We work with you until you are 100% satisfied with the quality! We guarantee that the quality of English in all documents edited by Editage will meet the standards required in the international publishing industry. This guarantee applies to every document edited by us, regardless of service, deadline, or fees.

File Formats We Edit

File Formats we editWe accept all file formats such as WORD, PDF, JPEG, LaTeX, etc.

(An additional 15% is charged for PDF and LaTeX editing.)

Artwork Preparation

When preparing your manuscript it is essential to create effective artwork that complements and boosts the impact of your research. However, it can be very difficult to follow the technical artwork guidelines laid down by journals. With our Artwork Preparation service, you can save precious time and effort by ensuring that your artwork is viewed favorably by the journal without you having to incur the additional cost of purchasing special graphics software.

Our graphics and design specialists are trained to prepare flawless artwork by following technical artwork guidelines for complex figures. They have experience working with a range of file formats such as JPEG, EPS, or TIFF. They can take care of various artwork requirements including:

Artwork Preparation

How It Works

  • Send us your final editable artwork files and other relevant information.
  • Our designers will format/revise your artwork to meet the journal’s technical requirements, while an expert editor checks your artwork for consistency and technical accuracy.
  • Check the files and resend for revisions (as many times as required, within 60 days).
Note: SAF authors get a 15% discount on the price shown here.

Pricing and Delivery Speed for Artwork Preparation

  • 15/image
  • 2 images/day

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